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Iris bulbs are some of the most prized flower bulbs in the world. The iris bulbs for sale here are high quality and are sure to look great in any garden. Bearded iris are often the favorite, although other varieties also look terrific. Please browse through our great selection below.



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Iris bulbs are mostly planted in the fall season. This helps them to get established before winter and lets them get off to a good early start in the spring. Bearded iris have the largest blooms in the iris family. These are quite stunning with their flowing blooms. There are also several other varieties for sale that also look great. These flower bulbs will spread over time and may need to be separated every few years to prevent overcrowding. The great thing is that you can then give some to friends and family who are also gardeners. Just like most bulbs, be sure to plant these in well drained soil with good sunlight. A little bit of fertilizer can help your flowers thrive. There are several general types of bulbs that you can buy. These include Siberian Iris, Dutch, dwarf, and German bearded. A great deal of colors and sizes are now available due to their immense popularity. You can buy purple, blue, white, black, yellow, pink, orange, and mixed color varieties. These plants generally grow to about two to four feet high, so take this into consideration when planting them in your garden. Nice effects can be produced by planting these in the back of the flower bed and shorter flowering plants in the front. This gives you a variety of sizes and color in the flower bed.